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The right chair can help relieve your back pain

We spend eight hours a day at work – for many of us that includes sitting in an office chair. As you may already know, sitting for extended periods of time can lead to severe back pain – which is not only unpleasant, but could lead to or exacerbate a serious medical condition that can impede your quality of life. The answer to your problems might be as simple as buying the right chair and getting the right advice on the ergonomic set-up.

Expert help for a pain-free back

This site has been set up for one purpose: to help back-pain sufferers improve their working day and quality of life. The best way to do this is to address the cause of your problem. Our team has been working in the field of workspace ergonomics and back care chairs for decades – and we want to share our expertise when it comes to picking a chair and accessories that we know will improve your health, happiness and wellbeing. You can see a small selection of products below, or you can give us a ring on 01295 250171 to talk to one of our specialists to discuss your requirements.

Different styles for different body types

Ergonomic Accessories

All of our chairs are fully customisable for your individual needs To make sure you purchase the correct chair please contact us to discuss your personal requirements.

Looking after your back at work

 To understand how a workstation should be set up, you first need to understand your body, and how to maintain a comfortable working posture with naturally aligned joints. This will reduce muscle strain and, therefore, work-related pain. Keep an eye on the following points:

01 Your hands, wrists and forearms should be straight and roughly parallel to the floor.
02 Your head should be mostly level and looking straight ahead.
03 Your shoulders should be relaxed, letting your upper arms hang naturally to the sides of your body.
04 Your elbows should stay close to the body at an angle of between 90 and 120 degrees.
05 Your feet should rest comfortably on the floor – or, if needed, a footrest.
06 Your back should be fully supported, with a lumbar support to ensure you stay in the right position.
07 Your seat should be well-padded protecting your hips and thighs, keeping the latter parallel to the floor, and in-line with your knees. Your feet should rest comfortably on the floor – or, if needed, a footrest.
08 Your feet should extend slightly in front of your knees (not tucked under your seat).
09 You should move around and take regular breaks throughout the day and stay hydrated.

“I have found Martin and the team very easy to deal with.  Martin listened and understood my concerns.  What I thought was purely chair related turned out to be a whole office revamp with standing desk and I so thrilled.  Martin assisted in looking at the way I work and the lack of space I had to move my chair whilst at my desk.  At no time did I feel pressured to purchase and I am overjoyed with the result and am using my standing desk!  Sincere thanks.”


Lisa Hillyard F INST TT Gold Travel Counsellor

“Mark really understood my pain literally, assessed my problems and fitted me with a new chair that not only looks great in my office but most importantly has reduced my suffering. I can’t thank him enough.”


Emma George, Managing Director id:recruitment

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